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Bonaire is known as Diver's Paradise, and with good reason. The scuba diving and snorkeling on Bonaire is second to none in the Caribbean. While boat diving is available at most of the dive shops on Bonaire, the more popular way to explore the beautiful reefs is via shore diving.

Scuba diving on Bonaire is known as 24/7 diving. Sign up for diving at any of the local dive shops, grab some tanks and go diving! The over 80 shore dive sites that are located along the island's leeward side are marked with rocks painted yellow with the dive site name written on it. Pull over, drive onto the beach (covered with chunks of large, dead coral), grab your gear, and get into the water.

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The reef is usually about a 2-8 minute swim from the shoreline. But while swimming out towards the reef, you'll find small clumps of coral with little communities of fish going about their day. Look for moray eels, octopus, or other small critters. Along these sandy patches you will encounter stingrays or even eagle rays soaring looking for lunch.

After a short swim, the reef begins to appear usually around 25-30 feet of depth. The reef starts to drop and you can pick the depth you want to stay at. Turn either left or right, follow the reef at your desired depth and at the pace you enjoy until it's time to turn around. Follow your route back and then towards shore.

Most entries at the dive sites have a hard coral bottom making neoprene boots or beach shoes highly recommended.

When the wind dies down for a couple of days, head out to Willemstoren Lighthouse or Lac Cai for some of the most unbelievable coral formations in the Caribbean. These sites are normally inaccessible due to their location on the East Coast and  the presence of strong waves & currents.

A Marine Park tag is required for scuba diving on Bonaire and may be purchased for $25 cash at any dive shop.

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For those who enjoy the water a bit closer to the surface, the snorkeling on Bonaire is equally as fascinating. Many dive sites also make great snorkeling sites. Because the reef is so close to shore and relatively shallow, seeing a variety of marine life is guaranteed. And the small clumps of coral in the shallows on your way to the reef are full of fish and critters to catch your attention.

Our favorite snorkeling sites include: Windsock, Bachelor Beach, Sunset Beach, Margate, and Karpata. While a few sites are suitable to enter with bare feet, most sites have hard coral entries and neoprene boots or beach shoes are highly recommended. 

A Marine Park tag is required for snorkeling on Bonaire and may be purchased for $10 cash at any dive shop.

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Bonaire is best known for scuba diving and snorkeling, but there are a number of sandy beaches around the island where you can enjoy some sunning, lounging around, or playing in the sand. Many of the beaches are secluded and because Bonaire is not overly "touristy", many times you will find yourself all alone with the sand and sun all to yourself. Weekends (Saturday & Sunday) tend to be a bit busier with locals having family time on the beach. Here are a list of some of the beaches you will find around the island:

Sunset Beach Sunset Beach
- 5 minute walk
- From the villa, head south to the round-about. Head west toward the ocean down a dirt road.
- Look for the yellow rock marking the "Bari Reef" divesite
Eden Beach Eden Beach
- 5 minute walk
- From the villa, head south to the round-about and go through, take your next right at Eden Beach Resort
- Follow road toward ocean. Small fee for use of beach chairs
Windsock Beach Donkey Beach (Windsock)
- 10 minute drive
- From the entrance of the airport, head south a few hundred meters
Port Beach Port Beach
- 10 minute drive
- From the entrance of the airport, head south a few hundred meters
Pink Beach Bonaire Pink Beach
- 15 minute drive
- From the villa, head to the south end of the island, past Salt Pier.
- Just before a large white house look for the dive site marked "Pink Beach"
Sorobon Beach Sorobon (Jibe City)
- 20 minute drive
- Head to the south end of the island, just before "Bachelor's Beach" divesite, turn and head east down a long paved road for about 10 minutes.
- Follow the signs to Jibe City
Beachelor's Beach Bonaire Bachelor's Beach
- 10 minute drive
- Head to the south end of the island, just past the airport is the neighborhood of Belnam
- Look for the dive site's yellow rock.
- Large parking area, steps lead down to a shallow, sandy area with a few areas for sitting
1000 Steps 1000 Steps
- 10 minute drive
- Head to the north end of the island, follow the windy road and look for the yellow rock marking the divesite
Washington Slagbaii Beach Washington National Park
- 1-4 hour drive
- There are two routes through the scenic park, the long road and the short road
- Both routes offer a variety of beach areas that are great for snorkeling, some diving, or just having a picnic in the sun
Klein Bonaire Beach Klein Bonaire
- 2-4 hour excursions
- Take the water taxi to Klein Bonaire
- Variety of beaches for snorkeling, lounging, hiking

There is a huge selection of restaurants on Bonaire all with a variety of menu options. Some of our favorite restaurants include: Eddie's (great breakfast, lundh & dinner), Bobbejans (awesome ribs), It Rains Fishes (great seafood), Unbelievable (the name says it all), Patagonia (great steak & seafood), Between Two Buns (great breakfast & sandwiches), Paradise Moon (great lunch & dinner).

Located within walking distance of the villa are several fantastic restaurants, serving breakfast, lunch, and dinner: Eddy's, Buddy Dive, Captain Don's, and Spice Grill.

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The dive villa is fully furnished with appliances, pots & pans, dishes, cutlery, BBQ and everything you need to eat in. There are several grocery stores around Bonaire but our favorite ones include Zhung Kong Supermarket (located just down the street from the villa), Van Den Tweel (huge selection and variety), Top Grocery (located downtown), and Warehouse Bonaire (located near the gas station on your way from the airport).

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