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Villa Makoshi is part of Perla Boneriano which is a small resort located across from Sand Dollar and Buddy Dive Resorts. The dive villa is centrally located amongst all the popular sites for scuba diving and snorkeling. Head north or south, you will find over 80 sites along shore suitable for scuba diving and snorkeling.

Across the street from Villa Makoshi are several resorts with dive shops. The dive shops all offer air & nitrox tanks for shore diving, scuba diving courses & training, dive gear rentals, and boat diving.

Also located across the street amongst the various resorts are a variety of restaurants and lounges. All of the restaurants on Bonaire offer a wide range of menus at a very high standard. There are endless options for eating out. If you decide to eat in, there are a few grocery stores that are stocked with fresh produce, good selection of meats, canned goods, and baked goods. Also across the street at Sand Dollar there is childcare available during the day or evening for $5-$10 per hour.


Bonaire Dive Villa - Makoshi Lower Level

Located next door to the villa is a fitness facility with massage & chiropractor. Across the street is a bank with teller and bank machine service. As well, a small strip mall with a convenience store, liquor sales, and the infamous Bonaire Lovers Ice Cream parlor.

A 2-minute walk down the street from Villa Makoshi is another strip mall with pharmacy, liquor store, gift shop, and deli.

One of the quieter beaches on Bonaire is located about 5-minute walk from the dive villa at Sunset Beach. Here you will find a nice site for scuba diving, snorkeling, having a picnic, or just relaxing.

 It is about a 10-minute drive from the Bonaire airport and about 5-minute drive to downtown Kralendijk from the dive villa.

Located Within 2 Minute Walk:
Fitness Facility Bonaire  Bonaire Gift Shop, Liquor Store, Pharmacy, Deli in Bonaire  Bonaire Lovers Ice Cream Parlor Bonaire Eddie's Restaurant

Located Within a 5 Minute Drive:
Bonaire - Bobbejans Restaurant  Bonaire Cultimara Grocery Store  Bonaire Freeweiler  Bonaire - Your Dive Store

Dive Friends - Yellow Submarine  Dive Friends - Port Bonaire  Bonaire Dive Adventure 

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