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Scuba Diving Bonaire 2012Scuba Diving Bonaire 2012Video clips of some of our favorite underwater moments on Bonaire.
Bonaire Dive Villa - Villa Makoshi Lower LevelBonaire Dive Villa - Villa Makoshi Lower LevelExperience some of the best scuba diving and snorkeling in the Caribbean on the island of Bonaire. Relax and enjoy dive holiday at Villa Makoshi Lower Level, set up with scuba diving and snorkeling in mind. Everything from outdoor shower & gear rinse station to the central location amongst all the popular sites for scuba diving and snorkeling. (4:04)
Debris Free BonaireDuring our group dive trip to Bonaire in April, we spent some time during one of our surface intervals collecting garbage that blows on the East coast shoreline. Didn't take long to fill the back of the truck with bags of garbage, had to move the dive gear into the backseat!
East Coast of BonaireIncludes boat diving with Bonaire East Coast Diving and shore diving as well. Things are similar on the East coast of Bonaire but different enough to make the trip worthwhile. Eagle rays, sharks, stingrays, tarpon, and lots of big turtles!
Group Dive Trip April 2014Another great dive trip to Bonaire enjoying the fantastic marine life and reefs.
Group Dive Trip October 2013The manta ray! Another great group of divers enjoying another great dive trip to Bonaire, our favorite island in the Caribbean for snorkeling and scuba diving!
Group Dive Trip 2012-2013Underwater video from our group dive trip to Bonaire in October 2012 and April 2013. Finally, after so many years of diving..... a seahorse! Always something new and exciting to discover.
Squids in BonaireSquids in BonaireThese unique creatures are so fun and friendly! Most of this footage was in less than 10 feet of water in Bonaire. (2:56)
Moray EelMoray EelScuba diving right next to a huge green moray eel in Bonaire during our dive trip April 2010. When I was right next to him I looked back and he was longer than me and my fins...yikes! (1:24)
Hilma Hooker Wreck DiveHilma Hooker Wreck DiveA very popular shore diving site on Bonaire, the wreck Hilma Hooker. Bring a light and check out the cracks and crevices and keep a lookout for the resident large tarpons that hide in the shadows. (3:51)
Bonaire Group Dive Trip - April 2012Bonaire Group Dive Trip - April 2012Another great, fun trip to beautiful Bonaire! Lots of great diving, snorkeling, and even some fun on the surface!
Bonaire Group Dive Trip - October 2011Bonaire Group Dive Trip - October 2011Another fun and memorable dive trip to Bonaire with a group of divers with The Dive Outfitters. Lots of scuba diving, lots of relaxing, lots of fun and laughter! Had some strange wind reversals so got to dive the normally "wild" east coast side and experienced some of the best scuba diving on the island.
Bonaire Adventure 2010-2011Bonaire Adventure 2010-2011Footage from several group dive trips to Bonaire. (19:24)
Bonaire Adventure 2009Bonaire Adventure 2009Our favorite diving destaination in the Caribbean. This is a video of a few of our trips in 2008-2009 to this beautiful island. If you're wondering why we and so many of our customers keep returning to Bonaire, watch this. If you're still not convinced, well, you'll just have to join us on one of our upcoming group trips! (22:56)
Donkey Sanctuary in BonaireDonkey Sanctuary in BonaireThe wild donkies that roam the small island of Bonaire are shy, timid, and while they are approachable, they are cautious and easily spooked. The Donkey Sanctuary provides a safe home for donkiesand rehabilitation for hurt and injured donkies as well. We expected the donkies to be shy and timid like the wild ones that roam freely on the island. What we encountered was both unexpected and hilarious! Watch the video to see why! (6:10)
Discover BonaireDiscover BonaireGreat video about Bonaire including where it is, activities to enjoy, and a bit of the history of Bonaire. (7:39)
Bonaire Video Shot with Sealife CameraBonaire Video Shot with Sealife CameraThis is a great, short video of diving Bonaire that is shot with the Sealife camera. For more info on the Sealife camera that they used, go to http://www.scubagearcanada.ca/cameras
Ice Diving 2010Ice Diving 2010The one thing that Canadian diving offers that you'll never find in the Caribbean.... ICE! A fun day in February 2010 at Twin Lakes doing an ice diving course. (8:17)
Best of Scuba Diving in AlbertaBest of Scuba Diving in AlbertaA collaboration of pictures from past Alberta Underwater Council (AUC) events from this past summer and previous years. Lots of fun was had by all. Check out www.albertaunderwatercouncil.com for upcoming AUC events... there's 15 events planned for summer 2011! (23:48)
Freediving the VandenburgFreediving the VandenburgVery cool video of free divers on the Vandenburg wreck. Check out those cool Oceaner wetsuits! (6:33)
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