This full color book celebrates Bonaire's status as Diver's Paradise. It has descriptions of 103 dive sites around the island including Klein Bonaire, Washington Slaagbai National Park as well as the east coast. The color photography is absolutely stunning making this not only a fantastic dive guide book, but a great souvenir to remember all your dives around the island.

Dive Guide Bonaire contains information regarding Bonaire's history and its unique flora and fauna, including interesting terrestrial facts about donkeys, salt, and flamingos. It also features maps of the island and underwater maps of each dive site. Each of the 103 dive site descriptions go into detail about how to find the site, the surroundings, ratings based on experience level, currents, entry points, maximum depths, and points of interest.

The production of this book included hundreds of dives, research in archives, and investigation of legends. The author collaborated with local guides, photographers, and cons

Bonaire Dive Guide

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