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Bonaire MapBonaire MapGuide Map of Bonaire shows EVERYTHING there is to do in Bonaire, and includes descriptions and locations of all of the fabulous scuba diving and snorkeling sites all around Bonaire.
Bonaire Shore DIving Made EasyBonaire Shore DIving Made EasyThis guide is essential dive gear for anyone wanting to make the most out of a Bonaire shore diving vacation.
Bonaire Waterproof CardBonaire Waterproof CardBonaire waterproof fish card shows the scuba diving and snorkeling sites of Bonaire as well as the marine life of Bonaire.
Dive Guide BonaireDive Guide BonaireFull color book with descriptions and stunning photography of 103 dive sites around Bonaire including Klein Bonaire, Washtington Slaagbai National Park, as well as the East coast. 
Lionfish CookbookLionfish CookbookThis book is a unique blend of tantalizing recipes, background on the lionfish invasion and its impacts as well as information on how to safely catch handle and prepare the fish.
Mini Tank with O-Rings KeychainMini Tank with O-Rings KeychainKeychain size scuba tank with ten tank orings inside. Orings fit scuba tank valve. Perfect for taking on vacation or remote dive sites where a missing or damaged oring could end the dive before it begins.
Sea Turtles Waterproof CardSea Turtles Waterproof CardSea Turtles waterproof ID card shows the different types of sea turtles and a description of the life cycle of turtles.
Tire Inflation Tool KeychainTire Inflation Tool KeychainThis is a great tool for shore diving in case of a flat tire on your vehicle. Hooks conveniently onto keychain for quick access. Attaches to low-pressure BCD inflator hose and works from your regulators & scuba tank.
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